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A Canadian bee coop

That’s right. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything, I received these photos of an awesome bee coop from Jane and Rainer Peters in Cariboo, B.C. It works like this: Chickens on one side, bees on the other, with a utility room in the center. Jane writes:

We have struggled over the past few winters to keep the bees out of wind chill reaching -30° to -40° Celsius. The small heat lamp in the coop generates enough warm air to keep the temperature at -5° C which is acceptable here in the Cariboo.

The other idea is that during the winter months, the chickens can free-range on the dead bees outside the hives . . . as all the other birds who do this job during the warmer season have migrated to warmer lands.

Great job, Jane and Rainer! I am jealous! I want one! Thanks so much for the photos.


Notice the chicken run on the left . . . and I love the bee on the door! Both nests and hives can be accessed from the center of the bee coop. © Jane Peters

The bees get warmth from the chicken side of the coop. They also get rain, snow, wind, and predator protection. © Jane Peters.

The colorful bee coop is attractive to bees as well as humans. © Jane Peters



That’s Awesome!


I want one also! Smaller would be just perfect for my lone hive that is awaiting company. Very clever!


They know how to do it right, eh?


That’s a fact.

Linda Rivers

That is spectacular! Very colorful, too.

Mark Nofsinger

That reminds me of some pictures of Eastern European ones I’ve seen. Very cool. Although I’d want to step outside to examine the frames for eggs in full sunlight.


That is tasteful.


Would LOVE to see some images of the interior room! How are the hives inspected?