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A face to remember

If you have never seen a small hive beetle, I encourage you to take a look at these portraits by biologist and photographer Alex Wild in Illinois. Small hive beetles (Aethina tumida) can do vast amounts of damage to honeycombs and they are rapidly spreading throughout North America. I haven’t written about the small hive beetle yet, but I don’t want you to miss these great pictures. And remember the face. Unfortunately, I’m sure you’ll see it again.




Should we put wood chips under our hives or will they attract small hive beetles?


Answered via e-mail.

Steve pollock

I have SHB in a couple of hives. Installed traps with vegetable oil and have caught a few. One trap was glued in with wax and I spilled some on the hive when I pried it out. I found several “slick” , “black” looking dead bees during inspection and feel terrible that the oil from the trap may have killed them. Needless to say I am not using more of these traps. Any thoughts on the oil in the hive or is there something else going on?



Maybe it’s oil or maybe it is a virus. Chronic bee paralysis virus, for example, also produces black and oily looking bees.