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Shaking the queen into shape

Nearly every time I read about honey bees I learn something new and today was no exception. I no sooner started reading Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley (Princeton University Press) when I came across the following little tidbit about swarm preparation. We’ve all heard that the queen honey bee “slims down” prior to swarming […] Read more

HopGuard: the new Varroa pesticide

HopGuard is a new pesticide designed to kill Varroa mites. Although the product is not yet registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), three states have joined together to request a Section 18 Emergency Exemption to use the product in honey bee hives within the boundaries of those states. The Washington State Department of Agriculture, […] Read more

A night in the lecture hall: students, bees, and pesticides

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to a class of graduate students about bees, pesticides, EPA regulations, and the thesis-writing process. What astonished me was the interest shown by the diverse individuals in the class. The questions they had were amazing, both in number and depth. If there hadn’t been a time constraint, […] Read more

Wednesday word file: drone congregation area (DCA)

A drone congregation area is a specific place where male honey bees congregate and wait for young queens to fly by. You often read that the drones are waiting for virgin queens but that is not technically correct because a young queen mates multiple times. The fact that she’s no longer a virgin after the […] Read more