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Let us see your beehives!

Dear Readers,

I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to see some of your hives. We talk about them all the time without ever getting to see them. So, if anyone is interested, I’m going to start a little photo gallery with images you submit.

I don’t have a photo uploader on my site, so if you have a photo you would like to share, just e-mail it to me:

The photos should be of hives or anything related to bees or beekeeping. Please include a description if you want and tell me how you want me to credit the photos.

I’m looking forward to seeing your set-up, so please send something!


Note: To see what I’ve posted so far click on Reader Hives.



Hello Rusty, I’m writing to see if you may enlighten me on an egg laying workers. I was wondering if one can queen right a colony with an egg laying worker in it. I heard that all colones have a percentage of laying workers in it and the bees just eat the workers eggs. When a queens dies and the drones appear, is it too late or is there a rescue? Just wondering, Thomas.



Just about everything I know about laying workers I wrote in this post: “Laying workers raise nothing but drones“. I have used the method of re-queening I mention in the post—shaking all the bees out some distance from the hive—and it worked well for me. The new queen took over without a hitch. Even if it turned out there were no laying workers in there, it wouldn’t hurt anything to do it that way. Do leave the queen caged for a few days just to be safe.


Great photos! Can’t wait to see more.



I agree. It’s fun seeing them as they come in. I’m already way behind in posting them, but I’ll keep working on it.


The picture of the vandalised hive is interesting; I wonder how many times the offenders were stung…


Me too, about the vandalized hives, and would like to hear more, if the beekeeper even feels like talking about it. Especially how the hives are doing now.



Me too. I will give him an e-mail and see if he’d like to say more.