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My first bee photos of the season

Making the best of it . . . I’ve never seen a honey bee on Pieris japonica before, but not much is in bloom.
This male mason bee was sitting just below the bee condo, probably waiting for a female to show up.
Mason bee peering over the edge of a leaf, happy it’s not raining.



Lovely to see these! Our bees are huddled inside again, by Kentucky’s fourth snowstorm in as many weeks. But we are promised a warmup, and the maple blossoms aren’t all finished yet.
Last time it was up to 70, at one hive entrance it looked like “the Pollen Train pulling into the station.” They don’t let a good day go to waste!
Thanks for a glimpse of hope.

Tricia Lockhart

Jealous. Warnings that bees are starving in the cold UK and all I have seen is dead bees of late.


What kind of camera r u using?


Canon XSi DSLR, nothing fancy. See “How I photograph bees” for more details.