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Packin’ propolis

I am pleased to share another photo from Louisiana beekeeper Robert Lunsford who, earlier this year, sent awesome images of chimney bees. Today’s photo shows a honey bee fanning in front of her hive while carrying a full load of propolis. I love the way the light glows through the big, gooey drops. Better still is the shadow cast by her fast moving wings. The shadow takes on a surreal shape, probably the result of the figure-eight pattern of her wing movement. All in all, a great shot. Thanks, Robert!

Honey bee with a load of propolis. Photo © Robert Lunsford.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bee packing propolis, not that I’ve recognized as such at least. There’s not a doubt the DOFT are getting it somewhere though!

I wonder if propolis is an opportunistic harvest item or a signaled shopping item? As well, how do they clean up after the run?

Great action and shadow shot. 🙂

Kent WA


Fantastic photo. Sometimes propolis looks very dark, but this stuff is almost honey coloured.

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