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That candy cane glow

After yesterday’s post on red honey, I was delighted to receive these photos from Utah beekeeper Reed Beatse. Reed’s top-bar hive was home to a colony that found and collected some of the candy cane feed. The red “honey” is clearly visible and makes quite a contrast with the nectar his bees collected earlier. Thanks, Reed, for sharing your photos.

Editor’s Note: Off topic, but check out the shape of that top-bar comb! It is textbook perfect. Maybe we can overlook a little dietary indiscretion . . .

Red honey in the comb. Photo © Reed Beatse.
Oozing with the wrong color. Photo © Reed Beatse.



Rusty, does the honey taste peppermint-y?!


We’ll have to ask Reed.


Ho! Ho! Ho!


It would be nice if it did have a peppermint taste (Christmas gifts would be taken care of) but, alas, it does not. It does taste different than the floral honey but not bad.