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The snow wars continue

Wouldn’t you know it? Now we have the Canadians battling for first place in the snow wars. So far, I don’t think there’s much question. Phillip Cairns, intrepid beekeeper and author of, had to do some serious digging to find this hive right in his own backyard. The second photo shows the hive “after the melt.” I’d hardly call that a melt, but whatever. The bees did fine.

Deep down under there: Lo! A hive! Hive and photo © Phillip Cairns.
Two days later after a Newfoundland “melt.” © Phillip Cairns.



I wish I had some pictures. I might top that. I have bees on a dairy farm. During the melt, the snow let go off a metal roof and proceeded to make my colonies horizontal and cover them in snow.

I was fortunate as the dairy farmer called me and I was not working that day so I shoveled it out that day and it was 7 Celsius. What a mess.



That was really nice for the farmer to give you a call. Give him some honey!

nick holmes

Hmm, burial won’t do much for their ventilation of humidity.

I wonder how long it would take a dormant beehive to run out of air if stuck under snow.

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