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The cyclic nature of honey bee populations

The population in a beehive fluctuates depending on the season. These changes—due to changes in temperature and food availability—vary somewhat depending on local conditions and the subspecies of bee. But a keen understanding of this cycle helps a beekeeper make good management decisions. The example below is based on the climate in temperate North America, […] Read more

How to prevent swarming with a Taranov board

The Taranov board is an ingenious system used to separate bees that are going to swarm from bees that will stay in the parent hive. Once separated, the swarming bees and old queen can be placed in a new hive while the old colony is left to raise a new queen. The system was invented […] Read more

A reader delves into the one-third question

A while back I wrote Bees pollinate one-third of what? Do we really know? In that post I questioned the frequently repeated statement that “bees pollinate one-third of the human food supply” because I could never discover who calculated this number or how it was calculated. I wanted to know if it was one-third by […] Read more