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Milkweed surfaces as a green alternative

After I wrote about milkweed fairies, I received the following story in an e-mail. Although I had read about this practice, I never knew of anyone who actually did it. Now I do. Kapok trees produce pods with seeds surrounded by a fluffy, yellowish fiber that is water resistant. Kapok seed “fairies” have characteristics similar […] Read more

The role of fat bodies in bee health

All insects have fat bodies—tissues that contain lipids, glycogen, triglycerides, and some protein. Fat bodies store and release energy according to the demands of the insect. The energy stored within these tissues is especially important during larval growth and other periods when feeding is restricted. The metabolic action of fat bodies is often compared to […] Read more

Milkweed fairies due for a comeback

Make a wish, blow it free. What kid in America didn’t grow up chasing milkweed fairies? The hairy white seeds floated, bobbled, and danced across the grass while the neighborhood children delighted in catching the elusive prize. Once caught, you cupped it in your hands, made a wish, and blew it free. It tumbled out […] Read more