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Plant pollination yields seeds, the key to agriculture

Pollination is necessary for the sexual reproduction of flowering plants. Sexual reproduction provides a means of mixing the genetic material of individuals so that the next generation has variability—or slight variations—in its genetic makeup. These slight differences are what allow living things to adapt to changes in their environment over time. Plants can reproduce by […] Read more

How I threw a banquet for yellowjackets

Up until this week I hadn’t seen many yellowjackets. Since 2009 seemed to be “the year of the yellowjacket,” I was expecting to see fewer this year. Nevertheless I had yellowjacket pheromone lures hanging nearby and my hive entrances had been reduced for a month. Everything seemed fine. But late last week I decided to […] Read more

Candy board fact and fiction

Candy boards are suddenly a hot topic and beekeepers are asking how to make them and where to buy them. I want to stress that candy boards are for emergency winter feeding. They are not necessary for a normal, healthy hive with plenty of stored honey. Bees are meant to eat honey—not refined sugar—so forego […] Read more