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Should a new super go on the top or the bottom?

Putting a new super on top of existing supers is called “top supering.” Adding it above the brood box but below the other honey supers is called “bottom supering.” Which is best? While honey bees remain indifferent to the entire subject, beekeepers get atwist over the mere thought of doing it wrong. In truth, there […] Read more

A rare case of “honey intoxication” in Seattle

An article in today’s Seattle Times reports that three King County residents were recently affected by foodborne toxins. Unfortunately, one came from a sample of local honey. According to the article a man became ill after eating a portion of honey he had purchased at a local farmer’s market. He reported vomiting and “intestinal difficulties” […] Read more

How to make bees go through a queen excluder

Beekeepers often call them “honey excluders” for a good reason: worker bees hate to go through them. The theory I hear most frequently is that the bees don’t want to build comb in places where the queen can’t go. But there are ways to entice your bees through the queen excluder. One way is to […] Read more

Summer in the city: urban hive inspections

Note: Today’s post was written by Karen Peteros, a beekeeper and beekeeping instructor in San Francisco. Karen took issue with my post, “Is too much hive inspection a bad thing?” and wrote a dissenting opinion. Her arguments are both articulate and valid. I thought it would be useful, especially for new beekeepers in urban and […] Read more