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Speaker Information

Need a speaker for your next meeting? I am available to speak to groups large and small about all things bee. I have a number of presentations ready to go or, if you need a special topic, I’ll need enough lead time to prepare.

I charge a flat rate of $295 plus transportation plus lodging (if necessary) for a 60-90 minute presentation. However, I am very much into creative problem solving. If your group is small or on a tight budget, send me an e-mail and I will try to work a solution. I may be able to string several engagements together, combine groups, or arrange a trade.

I come with a computer and projector, but a backup is always nice to have. You will need to provide a table, a screen or suitable wall, an extension cord, and a sound system if you have one.

A few examples of recent topics include:

  • “Gardening for Pollinators: How to Attract Native Bees to Your Yard” A 60-minute talk that includes tips for pollinator-friendly gardening and instructions for simple bee shelters.
  • “Native Bees for Beekeepers” Beekeepers are in a unique position to help all our pollinators, but most know little about native bees. This 90-minute presentation reveals the lives of native bees by comparing and contrasting them to honey bees. It also provides simple tips on identification.
  • “Give Bees a Chance: Saving Our Native Pollinators” A four-part series about native bees, pollination, and environmental threats. A short version (60 minutes) is also available.
  • “The Hive Revealed: Honey Bees for Non-Beekeepers” A four-part series designed for anyone who wants to know more about honey bees without actually becoming a beekeeper. A short version (60 minutes) is also available.
  • “People, Plants, and Pollinators” this 60-minute presentation explores the reasons why our native bees are in trouble and what we—individuals, farmers, and governments—can do to help.
  • “The Bees’ Knees” A 30-minute presentation for elementary school children, this is a simple introduction to bees, flowers, and pollination. (Special pricing.)

For scheduling or questions, you can contact me by e-mail: rusty[at]honeybeesuite[dot]com or use the Contact Me page.