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Propolis and the resin connection

When the weather turns warm, propolis can string into fragrant tendrils like fresh-from-the-oven mozzarella cheese. When cold, it can shatter like bone china, yielding knife-sharp shards. In especially hot seasons, it can run like water down the inside of hive walls before hardening into translucent droplets that glisten like gemstones. As fascinating as propolis is, […] Read more

Bee Merry! It’s Christmas!

For me, Christmas is a time of reflection. Since beginning this website on December 25, 2009, I’ve spent the anniversary dates reviewing the past and eyeing the future. Looking back, I see nine years of explaining the technicalities of making sugar syrup. Who knew writing could be so much fun! This year’s retrospective began early […] Read more

Dianthidium bees make masons look like amateurs

Although they are not generally known as mason bees, the members of the genus Dianthidium certainly outshine Osmia bees when it comes to actually building something. Dianthidium bees collect pebbles, stones, and gravel, then cement them together to form a structure that can be pounded by the elements. The resulting nests are both impressive and […] Read more