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How long can you keep bees in a shipping container?

Many beekeepers are getting a resurgence of winter weather just as their package bees are arriving. The question, then, is how long can you keep bees in a shipping container? For best results under normal circumstances, you want to install your bees as soon as possible. The same day you get them is best, especially […] Read more

The slippery life of the small hive beetle

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida. If he had only known, he might have scrapped his movie The Birds in favor of The Beetles. Small hive beetles lead a horror story life, fraught with mystery, intrigue, and destruction. The beetles, aided by their partner in crime—a symbiotic yeast—produce slime, mimic […] Read more

How to install package bees in cold weather

Spring weather is coming late in many areas and beekeepers are asking questions about installing package bees in cold weather. I’ve heard of beekeepers keeping their packages indoors, bringing hives into barns and garages, adding heaters, and wrapping hives in plastic. In truth, I don’t think the cold weather is detrimental to packages in most […] Read more

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