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Wallace’s giant bee found in Indonesia

A single specimen of Wallace’s giant bee, Megachile pluto, has been discovered in the North Maluku Islands of Indonesia. Found by natural history photographer Clay Bolt and a team of scientists, the bee was photographed and videoed before being released back into its home environment. This species is a member of the common Megachile genus, […] Read more

Pacific Northwest pollinator summit

Last week I attended the Pacific Northwest Pollinator Summit and Conference at Oregon State University in Corvallis. The three-day meeting brought together bee enthusiasts from a wide variety of northwest pollinator organizations to share information on their research, projects, findings, and outreach. The program was superbly organized and fast-paced, cycling through a large number of […] Read more

For healthy bees: Sow seeds, not war

The room was fluttering with bee conservationists. The seats were occupied by men and women from all over the Pacific Northwest who had agreed to donate considerable sums of personal time and money to tramp across the tristate area and survey bumble bees. Butterfly nets, catch jars, and t-shirts were stacked next to doughnuts, coffee, […] Read more

Propolis and the resin connection

When the weather turns warm, propolis can string into fragrant tendrils like fresh-from-the-oven mozzarella cheese. When cold, it can shatter like bone china, yielding knife-sharp shards. In especially hot seasons, it can run like water down the inside of hive walls before hardening into translucent droplets that glisten like gemstones. As fascinating as propolis is, […] Read more