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How long can you keep bees in a shipping container?

Many beekeepers are getting a resurgence of winter weather just as their package bees are arriving. The question, then, is how long can you keep bees in a shipping container? For best results under normal circumstances, you want to install your bees as soon as possible. The same day you get them is best, especially […] Read more

How to install package bees in cold weather

Spring weather is coming late in many areas and beekeepers are asking questions about installing package bees in cold weather. I’ve heard of beekeepers keeping their packages indoors, bringing hives into barns and garages, adding heaters, and wrapping hives in plastic. In truth, I don’t think the cold weather is detrimental to packages in most […] Read more

When to feed pollen substitute to honey bees

Right now, many northern beekeepers are asking when they should begin to feed pollen substitute, as if it’s a necessary step. But pollen substitute is an option you don’t always need. If you determine your bees need it, then “right now” is the best answer. If they don’t need it, don’t give it to them. […] Read more

The worst thing about the spring equinox

The very worst thing about the spring equinox is its proximity to the summer solstice. In just three short months we will begin the inexorable slide into winter. In just ninety days, the hours of daylight will begin to diminish and we beekeepers will begin thinking about overwintering our colonies. Again. It seems like that’s […] Read more

Why are winter bees so important?Because ...