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Spinning the truth in favor of pesticides

Sometimes, what we hope will be a good thing, turns out in the worst possible way. Here’s a perfect example of completely true—but totally misleading—advertising. If you recall, last year a number of home and garden retailers were called on the carpet for selling “bee-friendly” plants that were, in fact, treated with systemic neonicotinoids. Consumers […] Read more

A warning about bee-friendly plants

When you go to your local gardening center and buy plants for pollinators, what are you really getting? It turns out that these plants may have already been treated with insecticides, including neonicotinoids. Lindy from the Netherlands recently wrote to me about a pesticide report aired on Dutch television. Researchers there purchased a total of […] Read more

Let’s spray the trees while they bloom! Great idea!

You have probably heard by now that 25,000 bumble bees were killed last Saturday in a shopping center parking lot in Wilsonville, Oregon. The parking lot is home to 55 European linden trees which were sprayed for aphids in spite of being loaded with bumble bees. The Oregon Department of Agriculture said, “tests on bees […] Read more