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Is the beekeeping bubble about to burst?

Don’t worry. I’ve been predicting the imminent crash of beekeeping for about eight years now. So far, I’ve been pathetically wrong. So don’t lose any sleep over this. Still, the sudden closure of the three Brushy Mountain Bee Farm outlets and the disappearance of their website doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Yes, […] Read more

Beekeeping will change you for the worse

Many of my web visitors are soon-to-be beekeepers preparing for their first delivery of honey bees. They have read, attended classes, and talked to other beekeepers. Some write to me with a few last-minute questions. But what they envision and what I foresee are completely different. I was reminded of this beekeeping reality while watching […] Read more

A lesson in beekeeping from a two-celled Andrena

Trying to identify wild bees is a humbling pursuit in which every success is matched with two or three dismal failures. Today was no exception. Earlier in the week I stopped at the Mima Prairie Visitor Center, armed with my camera and longest lens. I strolled among the mysterious mounds, looking for whatever I might […] Read more