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How many bees fit in a city?

I get crucified every time I question the practice of urban beekeeping. Still, I think it’s important to examine the issues. Today I’m thinking about the carrying capacity of the urban landscape. And by urban, I mean big cities—places like Toronto, Sydney, Chicago, London, Los Angeles—not suburbs. Biology Online defines carrying capacity as “the largest […] Read more

Pesticide residue in urban honey: yes or no?

The best way to make yourself into a target these days, is to say something negative about urban beekeeping. You may as well paint a bull’s eye on your beesuit. And those yellowjackets I’ve been complaining about? They can’t hold a candle to an angry urban beekeeper. Hear that? Those are arrows zinging by and […] Read more

Brooklyn bees pig-out on maraschino cherry syrup

In case you missed the story, urban beekeepers in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York were shocked when their bees started sporting a faint red glow as they returned home from foraging trips. Further investigation showed that their hives contained frames of “honey” the color of cough syrup. Samples of the material were […] Read more