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Pollinator Seed Mixes

Ever wonder what is in a pollinator seed mix? I copied the following information from several seed packets, just to give you an idea.

One nice thing about seed mixes is they are self-selecting. The plants most suited to your environment will thrive, and others may not. But usually enough persist to give you a nice assortment of bee-friendly plants. So instead of having to wonder if the seeds you purchased are right for your garden, the mix sorts it out for you.

Encap Honey Bee Pollinator Mix:

Siberian wallflower
single china aster
lance-leaved coreopsis
sulphur “bright lights” cosmos
California poppy
purple coneflower
cut-and-come-again “pumila” zinnia
sweet basil
“sensation” cosmos
corn poppy
fleabane daisy
lacy phacelia
French “sparky” marigold

Wildseed Farms Pollinator Mix:

purple coneflower
sunset sunflower
zinnia dahlia mix
rocket larkspur
corn flower
Indian blanket
California poppy
lemon mint
baby blue eyes
moss verbena
tropical milkweed
scarlet sage
purple tansy
sweet william
plains coreopsis
butterfly weed
sweet alyssum
black-eyes susan
corn poppy
bishop’s flower

Stover Hummingbird and Butterfly Mixture

arroyo lupine
bachelor button
black-eyed susan
indian blanket
mission red monkeyflower
painted daisy
purple coneflower
scarlet bugler
white yarrow

Bee-U-Tify (Washington State)

perennial lupine
annual lupine
blanket flower
crimson clover
lance-leaved coreopsis
partridge pea
Mexican hat
plains coreopsis
purple coneflower
butterfly milkweed
blue sage
poached-egg meadow foam
cosmos “sensation” mix
rocky mountain penstemon
lemon mint
bee balm
lacey phacelia

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