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Coelioxys: cuckoo bees with weapons

It may surprise you that up to 20% of all bees in North America are cleptoparasites, stealing provisions by laying their eggs on the pollen collected by other bees. According to Bees of the World by Christopher O’Toole and Anthony Raw, the worldwide count of cuckoo species is somewhere around 3700. That means a whole […] Read more

Nomada bees prey on the real pollinators

When I think of a bee, I imagine something fluffy and cute. But this bee doesn’t fit the image, looking more like a space rover, examining the terrain with thick antennae and marbled eyes. Although brown and yellow, from a distance the bee appears eerily translucent. Last week I was kneeling on the eewie-gooey forest […] Read more

Feeding a New Package of BeesHow Long?