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Can I fix crystallized honey?

Rather than accepting crystallized honey as a unique product, we waste a lot of effort trying to “fix” it. Some consumers actually dispose of solidified honey, believing it “turned” or became unsafe to eat. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, clumsy attempts to prevent crystallization, or to re-liquefy solid honey, can do […] Read more

Does pollen cause crystallization?

A common justification for the ultrafiltration of honey is “it lasts longer on the shelves.” In other words, the ultrafiltration process—which removes all debris, including any pollen grains—delays crystallization, making the honey more attractive on the store shelf. In spite of that practice, you cannot assume that pollen causes crystallization. In fact, honey crystallizes based […] Read more

Why did my honey granulate?

This question, often followed by “What did I do wrong?” lands in my in-box nearly every day. No matter what you call it—sugaring, granulation, crystallization—it is an annoying and disappointing outcome, especially if it happens before you extract. To understand why it happens, you need to know something about sugars. Most often, we use the […] Read more