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What crud is this?

Here’s another mystery for all you hive detectives. Mark, a soon-to-be beekeeper in northern California, purchased three beehives from an ex-keeper who decided to quit after his bees absconded. Mark performed a cursory inspection of the equipment before purchase, but after getting it home and examining more carefully, became concerned about the crud shown below. […] Read more

Thirty-one gifts for beekeepers

It’s time for my annual list of holiday gifts for beekeepers. They range from very inexpensive stocking-stuffers to more expensive “serious” gifts. Honey-Maker by Rosanna Mattingly: In my opinion, this is a treasure of a bee book and a perfect gift. You can find it at Bear Grass Press. Vivaldi board: An inner cover, ventilated […] Read more

Twenty-five holiday trinkets for beekeepers

Here’s a list of twenty-five handy holiday gifts for your favorite beekeeper. Duct tape: can’t live without it necessity in the apiary. Hive tool: these get lost. So if one is good, more is better. Essential oils, especially spearmint, lemongrass, tea tree, or anise: used for making dietary supplements for bees. Paint strainers, one- or […] Read more

Ants in Your Bee Hive?What to Do