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Mischievous proliferous: the scoop on bee poop

Okay, Mischievous proliferous is not an official name for anything, but it’s the name given to honey bees by my husband. It is loosely translated as “many troublemakers.” The problem he sees with honey bees in not the stinging or the intimidating flybys, but the prolific drops of feces that cover just about everything for […] Read more

Urban beekeeping webinar

Yesterday I tuned into a fascinating webinar called “Urban Beekeeping: Ins and Outs; Dos and Don’ts.” The webinar was moderated by Shane Gebauer ( and featured Toni Burnham (, Cameo Wood, Cindy Bee, and Kim Flottum ( Although the material was designed for new urban beekeepers, the issues raised were compelling and on point. I […] Read more