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Can I fix crystallized honey?

Rather than accepting crystallized honey as a unique product, we waste a lot of effort trying to “fix” it. Some consumers actually dispose of solidified honey, believing it “turned” or became unsafe to eat. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, clumsy attempts to prevent crystallization, or to re-liquefy solid honey, can do […] Read more

Can bees eat crystallized honey?

Yes, bees will eat crystallized honey and there is no harm in feeding it to them. Remember that crystallized honey is not a modern invention. Bees have had to deal with it from the beginning and they know what to do. In the depth of winter when bees cannot get outside, they use moisture that […] Read more

Granulation: a stirring experience

A friend of mine was told by another beekeeper that if he stirred his honey vigorously three times a day for five days, granulation could be averted and the honey would remain clear and liquid. My friend wanted to know my opinion. My first thought was that frequent stirring might delay—but not prevent—crystallization by interfering […] Read more