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Hive five: equipment to improve summer ventilation

Summer is coming to a close even though it was nearly a “non-summer” here on the Pacific Northwest coast. The corn hasn’t tasseled; the peaches look like walnuts. Nevertheless, my bees are healthy and I had a good honey harvest–much better than expected. My honey was capped and my hives are dry inside. What more […] Read more

Summer ventilation increases honey yield

Whenever I think of summer ventilation, I think of the White House beehive. Beekeeper Charlie Brandt uses a large eke with a hole cut in each side. The eke is mounted above the stack of honey supers, just below the telescoping cover. The holes are large—I estimate about three inches in diameter—and are screened on […] Read more

What size hardware cloth is best for bee hives?

If you are building or repairing your own bee “furniture” you will find there are many sizes of hardware cloth available. Usually, the ones you need are the hardest to find. Here in the States, hardware cloth is numbered according to how many squares fit in a linear inch. So #5 has five squares to […] Read more

Ventilation in a hot & humid climate

Yesterday a reader from Florida asked for specific instructions on how to keep a hive well ventilated in a hot and humid climate. This is a good question. Although colonies can usually survive hot and humid conditions, they will produce more honey and be less stressed if they don’t have to spend all their energy […] Read more