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Dead bees in winter: what is normal?

Many new beekeepers are concerned about dead bees in winter, especially the ones that accumulate on or near the hive entrance. Every week I receive several questions about this, so I want to elaborate. Even in the healthiest of colonies, bees die every single day. According to Bees of the World (O’Toole and Raw) a […] Read more

Monday morning myth: bees need a front porch

Whatever you call it—landing board, alighting board, or front porch—bees do not need one. Hollow trees, attics, and eaves hardly ever have landing boards and neither do swarm traps. In fact, if your landing board is constantly wet or covered with snow, it can be a definite negative. Bees can get their wings “stuck” in […] Read more

Feeding a New Package of BeesHow Long?