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The CCD connection: what I believe about colony collapse disorder

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t mention colony collapse disorder to me, either in person, in an e-mail or comment, or on the phone. “I hear they found the cause of CCD!” is a statement I’ve heard dozens of times over the last few years. I’ve deliberately avoided writing about it—partially because I […] Read more

Migratory beekeeping and honey bee health

We often hear that migratory beekeeping is bad for honey bees. But why, exactly, is this so? I’ve put together a list of the most commonly cited reasons. Migratory beekeeping disrupts the natural rhythm of the colony. Like most things in nature, a colony has a life cycle. It begins to expand in late winter, […] Read more

Why honey bees collect propolis

Although we say honey bees collect propolis, what they actually collect are the materials to make propolis. The substances the bees bring home are sap-like resins exuded from flower and leaf buds. For the plants, these resins form a defensive coating, protecting delicate plant parts from pathogens, fungi, and insects. Foraging honey bees scrape it […] Read more