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What blooms in your September garden?

During the last few years I’ve worked hard at collecting late-flowering plants. In spring and early summer, nectar and pollen plants abound, but late summer and autumn can be a problem for pollinators. This year, I decided to take an inventory of what was blooming this first week of September. Dahlias steal the pollinator show […] Read more

How does your garden grow?

Remember those pollinator gardens we discussed back in January? Remember the plant lists for bees and the arguments about natives versus invasives? Well then, how is it going? On this end, I’ve got good news and bad—tales that are amazing, funny, and disappointing. Here’s my report so far. Siberian squill: I planted hundreds of Siberian […] Read more

How to make a straw-bale pollinator garden

Straw bale gardens are unique. They fit anywhere, support your plants, provide ample space for roots, suppress weeds, and raise your garden up off the ground where it is easier to reach. Plus, if you have bad things in your garden soil, like nematodes or potato scab, straw bales can provide a clean slate. And […] Read more

Fifteen ways to attract pollinators to your yard

Here are fifteen easy ways to attract pollinators to your yard or garden. Although winter is at its peak, it’s not too soon to start planning for the season to come. Plant clover in your lawn. White Dutch clover planted in your lawn will attract dozens of pollinators. In addition, it fixes atmospheric nitrogen into […] Read more