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My bees won’t go through a queen excluder

Why do experienced and commercial beekeepers use queen excluders without hesitation, while newbees insist their bees won’t go through an excluder under any circumstances? Certainly the bees aren’t considering the beekeeper’s experience level, they’re just doing what they need to do on their own schedule. Beekeeper impatience The answer, I think, has more to do […] Read more

Why won’t my bees store honey?

Why? Because conditions are not right. Pure and simple. This time of year, new beekeepers are asking why their bees will not fill the honey supers or even visit the supers. Some report their bees walking around inside only to leave again, uninterested. Some blame queen excluders. Others believe they are doing something wrong. But […] Read more

Intercaste queens and swarm guards

I want to share an interesting conversation I’ve been having with Oregon beekeeper Morris Ostrofsky. After I posted about how to use swarm guards, he challenged the idea that virgin queens can sometimes get through them. He wrote: I had a conversation with Dan Purvis some years ago regarding virgin queens and queen excluders. Dan […] Read more