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Physics for beekeepers: Why bees can eat solid sugar in winter

The following question was written in response to my post “Heat transfer in sugar syrup.” It’s a great question but a complex subject. The following is a vastly simplified explanation, but I hope it begins to explain why the bees can eat cold sugar but not cold syrup. The comment follows: The alternative [to sugar […] Read more

Spring caution: handle the brood nest with care

With spring just around the corner, you are eager to know how your over-wintered bees are doing. You just can’t wait to see if the hive is thriving and the queen is laying. But at this time of year it pays to be extra careful. You should avoid disturbing the brood nest if at all […] Read more

How to make protein-enriched candy boards

I just made my first batch of candy cakes enriched with pollen substitute and I am very happy with the result. For years I’ve been messing with pollen substitute in different formats. Many times I’ve tried making it into patties. Some of these patties got runny and dripped down between the frames. Some dried up […] Read more