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Summer nectar dearth and honey bee management

If you are in the northern hemisphere, there’s a good chance you are in a nectar dearth or approaching one. A nectar dearth is simply a shortage of nectar-producing flowers. Summer dearths are usually caused by high temperatures, a lack of rainfall, or both. Honey bee workers may become irritable, or they may beard on […] Read more

You’ve never seen yellowjackets like this

No matter how many yellowjackets you’ve dealt with this past summer, I’m sure it was nothing like this. The nest in this video was filmed in central Florida where southern yellowjackets, and many other wasp species, can overwinter. According to Jonathan Simpkins, the entomologist/pest control guy who shot the video, this nest is six-and-a-half feet […] Read more

Stealing honey: bee-on-bee robbery

Due to hot and dry weather in many areas, beekeepers are already messing with robbers. I’ve heard sad stories from beekeepers whose full honey supers suddenly turned up empty, and others whose smaller colonies were wiped out. This is not unusual, but it can bewilder new beekeepers. Besides taking the honey, the presence of robbing […] Read more

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